Daily Toke: Half the people you know are below average

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Digg front page owned my site yesterday. I promise I will try to get it together with all this site crashing bullshit.

Follow me on twitter in the meantime and make sure you email your links to sportfiends@gmail.com

Champagne girls are sexy.

10 WTF Tupac Sightings

Dina Goldstein Photographs Fallen Princesses of Disney Fairy Tales

Kevin Love tweets that Kevin McHale is OUT as Coach of Minnesota Timberwolves

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Outdoor Edition

First Look At Megan Fox Less Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen

Hell’s Angels Movie? Yes!

5 cereal characters that served time

Larry David On ‘Conan’ Was Pretty Good

Kobe on Conan wasn’t as good.

What’s Your Earliest Sports Memory?

Katie Price gets wet in Ibiza

A Tribute to Sloth From ‘Goonies’

Dorf on golf

Craptastic Movies Volume 4: “Can’t Hardly Wait

Kate Gosselin Spanks Leah

Today in History

Reasons to Vote McCain : Bristol and Willow… They are cute but it’s not worth it to vote for McCain

McGrady A Knick ?

Letterman Haters Rally For Dave’s Firing

Rick Vaughn Bobblehead Night in Cleveland = Best Thing Ever

The Five Best Fictional Caddies

Daily Joints

T.I. – Make You Sweat x All Night [NoDJ]

Slaughterhouse OnDaSpot Freestyle w/ Green Lantern (Video)

The Clipse – Eyes On Me (Ft. Keri Hilson)

The Game – NBA2k10

Busta Rhymes ft. Big Tigga – If You Dont Know Now You Know

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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