Daily Toke: Has Macy’s End of Civilization sale started yet?

Think I’m going to go ahead and give Lucy Pinder housewife of the century

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How to avoid common exercise mistakes

Hardcore parkour failure of the day

Burt Reynolds’ awesome fan letters from the 1970s

Manny Pacquiao knocks out Daniel Tosh

Mom of the year runs over daughter in Wal-Mart parking lot

Dan Gilbert’s son was just too damn cute at NBA Lottery

30 sequels you didn’t know exist

Money for Men: Can I afford to get married?

“Transylvania” – Review of Tyler, the Creator’s “Goblin”

SyFy buys Canadian Monster show

A useful guide to selecting your multiple wives

This is the most expensive art photo ever…this.

Kimbo Slice can’t beat up fighters, tries football players

This Half-man, Half-mosquito movie looks pretty good


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    yo these links are fucked up son