Daily Toke: If a man tells a woman she’s beautiful she’ll overlook most of his other lies

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Good news came out today, I am moving home!!!! I will be leaving in a couple of weeks so of course I will have to take the day off that I am on the flight.

If you want your links to be displayed on my dump, shoot me an email @ sportfiends@gmail.com

Some really sexy halloween girls. [Double Viking]

Hooters girls are moderately hot. [COED]

Alicia Whitten is cute as hell but a little skinny for my taste, you might like her though.  [Hollywood Tuna]

Nobody beats the drum.  [Kanye]

Need to know how to treat the ladies?  Take notes from LeBron.  [Nice Kicks]

Olivia Munn interviewing herself about wearing bikini’s, are they still psycho if they are really hot?  [Manofest]

5 reasons to watch MSU play Wisconsin this weekend.  [TWoI]

Comparing Nintendo Game Characters to NBA players, lol @ Vince Carter.  [Thoughts from the Jockstrap]

Kim Kardashian makes a really sexy wonder woman.  [NS4W]

Did you pick up some weird infection after your last one night stand?  Well here’s the way to break the bad news to whoever your fucking.  [BBI]

Want to see pornstars with their clothes on?  I know, me neither but here are some of their mainstream movie appearances anyway.  [Uncoached]

Heidi Klum’s got white stuff on her lips, oh wait that’s supposed to be milk.  [On 205th]

Too many Heidi’s for one day, oh well, heres Heidi Montag as a whore cop. Mrs. Officer Mrs. Office! [Celebrity Odor]

Hmmmm… Actually Traci Bingham makes a better officer.  [DRW]

Is Kendra Wilkinson menstruating?  She just losts like 2 points.  [Hollywood Tuna]

Wow, what the fuck is wrong with these kids??  [College OTR]

LeBron James and Jay-Z encouraging people to vote. [2 Dope Boyz]

Michael Wilbon officially has the best halloween costume.  [Fanhouse]

John McCain is a loser version of James Bond.  [Cuzoogle]

At least Mike Vick is still popular somewhere.  [The Big Lead]

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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