Daily Toke: If there is a thought in your head, it must be in solitary confinement

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Hillary Fisher has a nice bikini on.

Ok so I listened to you guys in my poll from yesterday and I removed the toolbar. A lot of people said that it caused problems and others said that it wasn’t useful. Only 5 people out of 90+ votes liked it. Oh well.

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That’s what I call promotion

25 Famous Animated Food Mascots

Rookie of the Year Rankings: Preseason Edition

Teri Hatcher Undresses For A Triathlon

The 25 Sexiest Celebrity PETA Ads

Coolio Passed Out At A Slot Machine In The Las Vegas Airport

Yeah, I’m Talking To You, Logitech

7 Actually Anticipated Summer Camps

Pictures of Lady Gaga at the MTV VMAs, this bitch is crazy

Had you heard? Michael Jackson is jesus

Celebrities at the US Open

Roger Federer hits through his legs

A College Guy’s Guide to Becoming a Better You

Transformers crew: ‘Megan Fox is dumb, bitchy, should do porn’

Pink In Taylor Swift’s Defense: “Kanye West Is The Biggest Piece Of Shit On Earth

Daily Joints

Ghostface Killah – Stapleton Sex (Video) [NSFW]

The Black Keys feat. Mos Def & Jim Jones – Hoochie Coo

DJ Young Venom – Soul Provider 3

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