Daily Toke: It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. Until you lose.

Autumn Reeser looks cute in Max Magazine

Sorry for no daily toke yesterday. It completely slipped my mind until like 3 am and by that point I didn’t see much of a point to post it. Oh well. Anyway I have awesome news. There will be a million man march in DC to protest the marijuana laws in America and I will be a speaker there. “Hemp can save the planet” march on DC is going down July 4th. If you are in the DC area or want to be a part of this make sure you RSVP for it. Shouts to my buddy Phill from Coalition for American Progress for doing all the hard work behind the scenes to put this thing together. Lets make history people. I will be talking a lot about this in the upcoming weeks. Have a great weekend everyone.

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