Daily Toke: Money isn’t everything. There’s also MasterCard and Visa

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Pics of Hot Chicks who love “Birds”

Hey everyone. So I just want to let you all know that the final final day for any submissions for the HMJ mixtape is tomorrow, in case any of you stragglers still have tracks out there. We have gotten more than enough tracks already and unfortunately most of the tracks we have won’t make the cut. We will select only the best, just like with our weed. You already know what it is. Plus yours truly will be all over the mixtape. This is going to be an experience.

Email your links to sportfiends@gmail.com and follow me on twitter or join us on facebook.

Are you dating a dating a gold digger?

Eva Mendes Nip Slip

Hilary Duff, short skirt time

UPDATE: 2012 + Raising Arizona = AWESOME

30 years of sexy ladies: The women of 1982 (Pt. 2)

Larry Johnson Cut by Kansas City

The 15 Best Prison Movies

Rooftop Sex

Pace Car Delivered by Chinhook Helicopter

Stephon Marbury Thinks The NBA Is Fixed & David Stern Should Be Replaced

Navy Puts Weis’ job on respirator and it doesn’t look good

How to trick your boss into upgrading your workspace

The Romp Booty Call Game: Play all 32 Episodes Here

Who Makes Up The U.S. Energy Drinks Market [infograph]

What does your bar tab say about you

Guy Who Has Caught 3000 Baseballs

I Met Her On Twitter: Candace Rae

SEC Referees … Can the Blown Calls Be Fixed?

Daily Joints

UCB Feat. Wale – “Pat Your Weave” Video

Raekwon – Catalina [Music Video]

John Mayer – Half of my Heart ft. Taylor Swift

Memphis Bleek – They Don’t Know f. Denim

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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