Daily Toke: My coworkers are exceptionally dedicated. You wouldn’t believe how far some of them will go to annoy me.

CJ Miles showing my female Greenie’s how to rock a pair of stilettos!

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Snoop Dogg – “Wet (David Guetta Remix)”

Lonely Island + Akon = Pure Comedy!

Sasha Grey says she’s retiring from Porn

7 annoying people you’ll meet on the train

20 cute girls with freckles

Here is the very, very drunk Cubs fan you’ve been hearing about this week

Most amazing Parkour gymnast you’ll see

9 movie characters who are undeniably stalkerish

Saigon continues to triumph as a great Orator

‘Buried Penis’ is not a good thing

Will an expensive car help me pick up women?

Kids turn to the darndest sides

Marky Mark still keeping it real

George Lucas’ daughter’s MMA fight cancelled on account of fatness

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