Daily Toke: Procrastination is the biggest labor-saving invention of all time.

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Took the day off today as you can see by the lack of updates.  I am trying to move and I still have lots of wild shit going on in my life right now.  It’s ok though.  Just needed to take today off to move stuff and rest up but I will be back to normal tomorrow.

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Deanna Russo has sexy…. eyes.

The 20 Sexiest Rockstar Spawn

Jessica Simpson Vows To Get Thin Again

The Top 10 Worst Situations to Get an Erection

6 G.I. Joe Characters Who Could Pass For Village People

8,800 Pennies is Legal Tender <—- LoL!!

Lisa Turtle looks a little different, too bad too becase I used to have crush on her.

Zombie Boot Camp

The 10 Most Embarrassing Moments In White People Dancing History

True Blood, the Best Show on TV?

LeBron James Claims Smoking Marijuana In High School Gave Him Idea To Go Pro

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Bengals training camp, if you care…

The dangers of thuggin’

NBA Mascot Hits Half Court Shot Off Another Mascot

Fantasy Baseball: “Mr. Happy” Neftali Feliz Has the Arm & Role to Make Fantasy Owners Happy Too

Daily Joints

Chamillionaire – Mixtape Messiah 7 Disc 1 (Mixtape)

NaS x Damien Marley: Rock The Bells (Video)

Eve – “Me N My (Up In Da Club)”

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