Daily Toke: Proud to be a Greenie

Caroline Resende is just another reason why we could never hate Brazil

I know I catch myself constantly throwing out that I know what my “Greenie’s” appreciate and so on and so forth. You may find yourself asking, what is a Greenie? Well, a Greenie is anybody who’s reading this post right now. That’s right, you are my Greenie’s and we’re all apart of this movement that some of you have been apart of before we started using the term “Greenie” and some of you are brand new. What is the movement you ask? H-M-J! At the end of the day, you all visit this site on a daily basis because we share a common lifestyle, we HAIL MARY JANE! So be proud to be a Greenie and be excited because we have a lot planned for you guys in the near future, all I can ask is that you stay tuned. Go ahead and make HMJ your home page!

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