Daily Toke: The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting

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Hot Body Paint Women.  [Gunaxin]

Chad Ocho Cinco has started a trend.  [Sporting Blog]

The Signature Sneaker Quiz.  [Mental Floss]

The Yankees are just on a shopping spree this offseason but this one is a little peculiar.  [Huffington Post]

Carmen Electra dealing blackjacks as a playboy bunny in Vegas.  [Cebridiot]

The Ugliest Urban Celebs. [Blogxilla]

Fuck Cole Hamels.  [The Big Lead]

It’s been a rough year for DMX.  [King Mag]

Charting out NBA Archetypes.  [Upside and Motor]

Great reasons to hate Marko Jaric.  [Moondog Sports]

Sesame Gangsta.  [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

The Top 10 Unsexiest movies ever.  [Best Week Ever]

7 effective and fun way to kill a man.  [Probably Sucks]

WTF?!?!  Man Sprays vandalist kids with fox pee.  [Barstool Sports]

Jim Jones is Mr. Me too.  [Real Talk NY]

The many gang signs of Mike D’Antoni.  [The Hoop Doctors]

10 Celebrity Potheads that might surprise you.  [The Legalization of Marijuana]

Medical Marijuana Act passes NJ Panel.  [Cannabis News]

If alcohol labels were more realistic.  [Holy Taco]

10 Things you should never say to twins.  [Asylum]

This mom is desperate to find her son a wife.  [Nextround]

Would you pay this woman for sex?  [With Leather]

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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