Daily Toke: Under The Weather


I feel like I'm getting sick and I am supposed to be on vacation so this post is me "calling out sick" for the day. I will be back either this weekend or Monday with more fire for you to use to to light your spliff. For Now I will just leave with you these links for the day including women grabbing other womens cleavage... I love it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and sick or not I'll be tweeting from Austin this weekend so be sure to follow me on twitter.

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The 10 Best Watches Under $300

McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (Pics)

The World’s Biggest Natural Boobs

EHOWA might be one of my new favorite sites, check it out.

Top 10 Chicago Sports Moments of the Last Decade

1960s commercial for a Hungarian disembodied doll head

Is South Park Mexican Dead? We Kinda Hope Not

The Top 10 'Entourage' Moments That Would Never Have Happened in the Real World

And Now, Asians Doing Walken Impressions

NBA Salary Cap Lowered For 2009-2010

What Rappers Really Mean - Goon

Chalk Shlong?

Where Marcin Gortat Making $34 Million Happens

Two Ex-Clippers Are The Most Productive Unsigned Free Agents

Obama thanks Russia for Alex Ovechkin

Top Ten Funniest Homosexuals in Film

Rocawear Barbies By Mattel

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Dry Humps Reporter

Heather Nichols Is The Rampage Jackson Dry Hump Victim

Erin Andrews Takes a Ball to the Chin, Sadly it Wasn’t Mine

5 Landmarks in the Evolution of Animated Porn

If The Greatest Rappers Of All Time Were Sports Legends

From The D.C. Bureau: David Cone: Don't Jerk With Sonia

15 More Little Known Facts About Gary Busey

Poor Economy Forcing Pay To Play At Public Schools

Superman and Batman fight in Gotham (seriously)

Kim Kardashian Pretends To Go To The Gym

Sahel Kazemi, her escalade and her cat

Jonas Brothers, Listen Up…I See Your Future

Drunk Guys Hate Standing

Great Taco Bell Commercial

'Bruno' Star Sacha Baron Cohen Knows Dapper Duds

5 People You are Guaranteed to Meet at Wrigley Field

The 10 Damien Hirst Works You Should Know

The 10 best videos of people falling down steps/escalators

Need More Links? Check these guys out!


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