Daily Toke: You do not need a parachute to skydive, you only need a parachute to skydive twice

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Another day another dollar.

Send your links over to me at sportfiends@gmail.com.

More Ikki Twins.  I’m lovin it.  [NS4W]

10 Sexiest GQ photoshops.  [COED]

Fab’s bday bash.  [Atl Night Spots]

MMA legend chokes out a blogger.  Take that you stupid blogger.  [Hard for the Yard]

The 9 Hottest Puerto Rican Women.  [Complex]

This is a crazy bike.  [Salty Milk]

Google gies the wrong directions?  [Alley Insider]

Stephen Curry likes white chicks, don’t we all?  [Busted Coverage]

Girl fights are always fun!!! [Drunken Stepfather]

7 Reasons why the Eastern conference is getting better.  [Cuzoogle]

The best insider blogs.  [Fast Company]

The latest Joe Budden TV episode.  [Real Talk NY]

Snoop Dogg on Around The Horn.  [YBB]

20 Historical college basketball slams.  [Athlists]

16 Creepy old men that you don’t want around your daughter or your girlfriend.  [Blog of Hilarity]

Weird road signs.  [Uncoached]

Fabiana Tambosi gets my thumbs up.  [Celebslam]

The funniest fan kid workout plan ever!! [Bright Black Internet]

Arsenal is getting players from the MLS??  They must be desperate.  [The Spoiler]

10 really bad things that could happen anytime in sports.  [Epic Carnival]

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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