15 People Who Should Never Be Allowed To Dance Again



Dancing is one of those things that you either naturally have or you don’t. Some people are naturally gifted to be good dancers and fluid movers. Other are meant to make lots of mistakes, hurt themselves and hurt others all at the same time. Now that’s not to say that you can’t learn to dance, just saying that some people are naturally better.

The people in these videos thought they would be good dancers. “Thought” being the key word. Instead it just turned out to be fail after fail. Hopefully, for your sake, you don’t end up dancing with any of these people.

He was actually better than I thought he would be, until the faceplant that is.

It’s only funny because she doesn’t speak english, oh and the fact that she failed miserably.

Dancing on tables is not the smartest idea.

I SAID, dancing on the table is NOT the smartest idea.

Dance Dance Revolution is NOT for dumbasses

Two dumbasses fail simultaneously

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