D’Antoni wants Marbury out

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Mike D’Antoni hasn’t even officially been announced as the Knicks new Head Coach yet but according to sources, he is already making moves.

The NY Daily News reported today that D’Antoni wants to get rid of Stephon Marbury for players who fit better into his system and where better to look than his old team. 

According to the sources, Suns forward Boris Diaw and guard Leandro Barbosa, have fallen out of favor with the squad and D’Antoni wants to go ahead and begin trade talks with the Suns to acquire those players in a deal that would include but is not limited to Stephon Marbury.

“He loves Boris and Barbosa and he didn’t like Marbury when he had him,” said the source. “So this is the type of move that can jump-start D’Antoni’s program right off the bat. He went to New York with the notion that he will have input and help alter the roster to get his kind of players.”

“D’Antoni and Marbury is going to be a bad fit,” the source predicted. “He views Marbury as a shooting guard, anyway.”

Stephon Marbury has been a bad fit where ever he goes. He’s a good player by himself but when he joins teams, they start losing, when he leaves, they start winning. Don’t be surprised if this deal actually goes through and then the Knicks make the playoffs.

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