David Beckham Doesn’t Like Paparazzi

Don’t fuck with David Beckham and his family. Well you can fuck with them but don’t take pictures of them in public or else you may wind up getting your ass kicked.

The LA Times reported yesterday that David Beckham was chased down by some paparazzi and a frustrated Beckham, stopped the car and got some of his body guards to beat the paparazzi guys up and take their camera.

Francois Navarre, co-owner of the X-17 online photo agency, said one of his photographers was tailing Beckham near Beverly Drive and Little Santa Monica Boulevard about 4 p.m. Sunday when the footballer apparently decided he was tired of the unwanted attention. Beckham stopped his car and confronted the pap, whom he ordered out of the car, Navarre said.

Moments later, Navarre said, the soccer star’s security detail moved in, administering a beat-down and tossing his camera in the garbage. There were reports that the photographer was also handcuffed. Beverly Hills police said they are trying to sort out the situation, although Navarre said there is videotape of the incident, which another photographer gave to police, that has not been returned.

Celebrities can have such short tempers. I mean come on. Don’t you know that everyone wants to know what you are doing at all times of the day (including when you take a shit) and the paparazzi will do whatever it takes (including sitting in a tree outside of your window) to get them what they want.

Privacy shmivacy.

It’s funny because I didn’t see Becks beating anyone up when these pics were being taken. Maybe he was just driving the crummy Benz and he couldn’t stand for anyone to see him in that.

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