David Sack, M.D. Pisses Me Off, Again

I harp about reading the people who disagree with our point of view.  We should be able to explain why we believe what we say we believe.   Then I run into David Sack, M.D., who writes in the Huffington Post.  He raises the old canard again — there is no legitimate research to support medical marijuana.  I am so tired of saying this, but for the benefit of David Sack, M.D., I will repeat myself once again:
(1) The reason there is no research is because, since 1937, the federal government has not allowed any research on the beneficial uses of cannabis to be conducted. Had research been ongoing, who knows what truth we might know?

(2) The cannabis plant had been in humanity’s medicine chest for some 5,000 years. In 1937, for reasons well documents by Jack Herer, the wisdom of Congress over-ruled the wisdom of the ages and the cannabis plant became an outlaw. This is the moment when research was warranted to justify such a sea change in mankind’s relationship with this particular plant. There was no research. David Sack, M.D. does not complain about this. Sad.

Anyway, just so David Sack, M.D. knows we still love him, let’s quote him: “we are entering an era in which cannabinoid products are becoming part of a physician’s arsenal. Perhaps some of the cannabinoid medications currently in development will prove to be safe and useful drugs. However, as of now, a significant amount of rigorous research is needed to better understand the effects of different formulations, methods of administration, and dose-response relationships.”
I don’t disagree with that. You can find the original story HERE. Pay attention for whom David Sack, M.D. is CEO (in his by-line).

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