DEA Easing Path to CBD Research

When someone — anyone — has held a pig-headed, non-truth-based notion for as long as the federal government has on the issue of cannabis, even small change is welcome. Here’s one example:


Federal Regulation (21 CFR 1301.18) requires researchers conducting Cannabidiol-based (CBD) clinical trials under an Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Investigational New Drug (IND) Application to have a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) research registration. This registration permits the possession of an approved amount of CBD for a specific research protocol.

Prior to now, researchers who expanded the scope of their studies and needed more CBD than initially approved for had to request, in writing, a modification to their DEA research registrations — potentially delaying that research while the modification underwent an approval process that includes both the DEA and the FDA. Under these changes, a previously registered CBD clinical researcher who is granted a waiver can readily modify their protocol and continue their research seamlessly. This waiver effectively removes a step from the approval process.

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Real, honest scientific research of cannabis will return the plant to the medicine cabinets of America. Cannabis appears to cure some forms of cancer. Speaking as someone who has lost friends and family to that disease, it’s pertinent we start that research now.

I will admit it’s a small thing, this change in research rules. But, it is a change from the same institution that created cannabis prohibition out of lies, fear and whole cloth. The mortar holding those bricks together is dry and flaking away. If we just keep pushing, that wall will come down. If we push harder, the wall will fall sooner. If all of us show up and push as hard as we can — together — the day of re-legalization will be here.

We are closer to re-legalization today than ever before. But, we are not there yet. If we punk out and think we have already won, we will lose. So, get involved. There is something you can do where you live, work and go to school. It may be something as small as talking to someone who still believes in reefer madness, or something as big as casting a vote in Congress to support the re-legalization of the plant. Whatever your part turns out to be, get some skin in the game.

I would be proud to supply your first legal bowl. And share it, too.


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