DEA Eradication – How Much $ / Plant?

Your tax dollars are up to no good — pulling up cannabis plants. Learn more below.


. . . authorities [are scheduled] to pull up marijuana plants being grown indoors and outdoors. The program has been plagued by scandal and controversy in recent years. In the mid 2000s, it became clear that the overwhelming majority of “marijuana” plants netted by the program were actually “ditchweed” or the wild, non-cultivated, non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana that people nowadays smoke.

More recently, overzealous marijuana eradicators have launched heavily armed raids on okra plants and warned the Utah legislature of the threat posed by rabbits who had “cultivated a taste for the marijuana.” Last year, the DEA spent an average of roughly $4.20 (yes, really) for each marijuana plant it successfully uprooted. In some states, the cost to taxpayers approached $60 per uprooted plant.

A story worth the read. Find it HERE.


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