DEA Intimidation Tactics Now Include Bullying Medical Marijuana Legislators and Advocates

Depending on where you are from and the quality of the neighborhood in which you were accustomed you may be familiar with the penal charge of ‘conspiracy to commit’. People of color and other not so lucky individuals get to know the meaning behind this vague term often when they are in loose relationships with people, places and things deemed illegal.

Sometimes, the charge of ‘conspiracy to commit’ can even be applied to those whom are are absolutely innocent.

You see, ‘conspiracy to commit’ is a catch all criminal justice fishing net used to snatch up nearly anybody and everybody if the law chooses to see manufacture an illegal association.

Recently, Montana resident Diane Sands learned of her name coming up during a DEA investigation.

What was her part in the big Labowski, you ask?

She is an independent political seat holder and is currently part of the Montana Legislative body that has been reviewing and drafting medical marijuana laws in consideration of voting before the state.

“So now, if you’re a state legislator who has been working on medical marijuana laws, you are somehow part of a conspiracy,” said Sands, who represents House District 95 in Missoula and works as development director for the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. “It’s ridiculous, of course, but it’s also threatening to think that the federal government is willing to use its influence and try to chill discussion about this subject.”

So you can see how the DEA plans to attempt to treat anyone having any involvement in the legalization of, the discussion of, and the defense of or the implementation of marijuana as an authentic criminal.

They’re placing drug cartels, money launderers and the American Civil Liberties Union in the same grimy basket. In essence, the Feds want to put a halt to our freedom to consider and shape our own laws.

They are STILL trying to take our civil liberties away from us.

“It is true that we’ve got competing laws in place here with states with medical marijuana laws, but federal law is clear,” he said. “Marijuana is illegal under federal law. If you are involved in selling marijuana, trafficking marijuana, profiting from marijuana, you are in jeopardy. We get questions about what we’ll investigate and what we won’t, and we can’t give that answer. But if you’re involved with profiting from marijuana, you’re in jeopardy.”

Diane Sands doesn’t buy the bullshit, and neither do I and nor should you. It seems like way more than a coincidence when the Feds release official notices regarding their intent to investigate and prosecute marijuana related businesses only days before the state is schedule to consider voting on new marijuana legislation.

“The bottom line is, there’s no reason for my name to come up,” she said. “So they can say what they want about who they are going to prosecute, but when a state has an ongoing discussion about its laws, and its lawmakers’ names are being brought up by federal agents, I will be hard to convince that there’s any other reason than to send a message.”

The DEA is sending the message that its just safer for people to back away. That is very much a bully move that we’ve all become accustomed too from our government. Are you gonna willing to walk away from the fight? Would you if your name came up in some secret DEA investigation….we all should ask ourselves this question. Me included.

I’ll see you on the other side, kids…

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Author: TRJ

Political pondering as seen through a smoky purple hazed shade. A poet and provocateur who won't remember how and why I may have offended you please refrain from complaining. I love the kids; nature and I promote peace and humanity as mush as I can when not fighting domestic terrorist aka 'The Man'.

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