“Dear Next President . . .”

If you come to Hail Mary Jane to join the on-going talk about cannabis politics, you will want to read this post.  The Brookings Institution has produced a memo to the next president on the issue of cannabis.  It’s a longer piece and worth every word.  Here’s a taste:

Public opinion on marijuana policy has changed rapidly over the past 20 years. Huge majorities of Americans nationally and at the state-level support medical marijuana reform, and consistent majorities support recreational legalization nationally. Since 1996, 24 states and DC have embraced medical marijuana reform. Since 2012, four states and DC have approved recreational reform. On Election Day, voters won’t simply pull the Trump or Clinton lever for president. Voters in several additional states will consider ballot measures about medical and recreational legalization.

The nation is changing its views on cannabis, and reform is not a flash in the pan, but a certainty in the future of American public policy. Your administration has the opportunity to initiate a sensible, safe, effective, and robust reform that reflects the policy changes in the states and a federal government ready to facilitate a working system. You can help mold the future of this policy, or you can be a bystander to history, remembered more for being a roadblock than a transformational policy champion. Ten years ago it would have been toxic to engage marijuana policy in this way, but as America changes its mind on cannabis, it may be even more toxic to stand by and do nothing about it.

If you are seeking to understand the place of cannabis in the here and now you will like this complete, original post.
I hope you pause for a moment and read it.

Before we close let’s hear what the creator of cannabis prohibition had to say about why this prohibition was so necessary.  Harry?

Know why you joined the fight.

[image: Warhol is thomhartmann.com; Anslinger is evergreenculture.com]

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