Decision by San Jose City Council Could be Costly


In a recent decision made by the San Jose City Council, only 10 dispensaries will be allowed to legally operate within the city. Ratified on September 27th of this year, the decision puts some very strict limitations on dispensaries, zoning, and requires dispensaries to grow their medicine on site. The permits will be distributed on a first come first serve basis rather than by quality of the dispensary or its medicine.

‘This extreme measure will make it practically impossible for any of the existing dispensaries to continue operation. No other business in America is forced to have 100% of production and sales on site,’ points out Doug Chloupek, founder of San Jose medical cannabis dispensary MedMar Healing Center. ‘it will result in just a few huge dispensaries, chosen for their speed of application rather than their merits, to serve the needs of the thousands of San Jose residents who seek access to safe, clean medicine.’

Mr. Chloupek is urging those affected by or any advocates to sign a petition blocking the City Council’s ordinance that will undoubtedly hurt the local community. By signing the petition, your supporting patients’ safe access to medicine, current taxation laws for dispensaries that contribute around $3.5 million to the city of San Jose and will prevent them from having to go to the streets to buy medicine that can be of questionable quality. Money like that could be used on city services such as road work/repair, fire, police and emergency services but perhaps the biggest impact it will have is on the as many as 1,500 people who are employed by these dispensaries. During an economic recession, this is the most counterproductive thing you could be doing because this will leave people without jobs, unable to pay bills, and certainly will not help the local San Jose economy.

None of what is being done here can possibly have a positive outcome for the local economy and the state of California. Let’s just hope something is done before most of them are closed and sick patients are forced to go to the dangerous underground market or worse be left without their medicine.

[Image Via Hemp Beach]

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