Demonstrating Why Legalization Would Be Easier

More than 15,000 people are licensed to grow medical marijuana in Canada, but Health Canada has no record of staff ever inspecting any of the growers, CBC News has learned.  Health Canada implemented its medical marijuana access regulations in 2001. Under the program, people with “grave and debilitating illnesses” can be granted legal access to marijuana for medicinal purposes. People seeking a permit apply in writing to Health Canada, with a supporting document from a medical practitioner.


People who are licensed by Health Canada to possess medical marijuana can then apply for a permit to grow it for personal use, or to have someone else grow it for them through a “designated-person production license” if they weren’t able to grow their own.

The job of enforcing safety and compliance falls to 15 Health Canada inspectors, who are responsible for inspecting all legal drugs and pharmaceuticals in Canada.  But the agency said in response to an access to information request for a list of inspections that “no records were located which respond to your request.”

One licensed grower who suffers from muscle spasms and digestion problems says Health Canada permits her to grow about 50 marijuana plants. CBC News has agreed to conceal her identity because her license requires her to keep her crop safe.  “They approve it based on what we say we are going to do, but I personally have never heard of anyone ever seeing an inspector,” she said.

Some police organizations have expressed doubt about Health Canada’s ability to enforce its own rules, including keeping the plants secure, destroying a crop if the yield is higher than the permit allows and making sure only the number of plants permitted are grown.
You get a big mess when you allow the use of cannabis while still thinking and acting like the plant is something bad.  This is stupid.  It’s time to legalize and let the market control the appropriate market aspects — quality, strength, stone — of the cannabis trade. The government can decide who may purchase.  Hey, Republicans should like that idea. Why haven’t we re-legalized?

Original source material is here. There’s lots more to this story.

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