Denver Bans Some Types of Advertising (for pot)

Friends, we have come a long way.  And, though we have a long way to travel still, let us pause and reflect for just a moment on this story out of Colorado.    The city of Denver has banned certain types of advertising for medical marijuana.  This carries, by implication, the truth then that some types of advertising — for pot — are indeed legal.  If so, what are they?
“On Monday night, the Denver City Council voted unanimously 12-0 to ban marijuana dispensaries from advertising on “billboards, posters, bus benches” or with “windshield leaflets and sign-twirlers,” according to The Denver Post. Marijuana businesses can still advertise in print, television, radio and online but will have to include a disclaimer that clearly indicates the products being advertised are for registered Colorado medical marijuana patients only, The Associated Press reports.

The council’s Debbie Ortega and Christopher Herndon are behind the proposal which is an expansion of a May plan by Ortega that called for a ban on medical marijuana ads within 1,000 feet of schools, daycares and parks after she received complaints from constituents, Westword reports. This alternate plan of Ortega’s was voted down Monday night as well.

The Denver medical marijuana community is divided on the issue. The Associated Press reports that Colorado attorney Lenny Frieling, an outspoken marijuana legalization advocate, didn’t want marijuana singled out like this saying, “I don’t think any medicines should be advertised, period, end of story. Whether it’s medical marijuana or something that will give me an erection for eight hours, I find it all inappropriate,” Frieling said. “Ban it all or don’t ban any of it.”
For those of you following the unfolding story of the re-legalization of marijuana this is a new chapter. Find it HERE. Legal ads for what was legal, unjustly became an outlaw, and now, may finally be allowed to come back home. Don’t hold your breath waiting for justice.

[image: Google images Colorado]

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