Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Bikini Shoot


Question. What do the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders do when your off from work for a few more months?

If you guessed that they hop in bikini's and do photoshoots in Mexico, then your pretty damn good at this game.

Here are some photos of the Broncos Dancers doing just that. They are shooting photo's for the 2009 swimsuit calendar and you should know by now, where ever there are cheerleaders in bikini's, hailmaryjane won't be too far off.

5.jpg Broncos Cheerleader 3.jpg Broncos Cheerleader 1.jpg 111.jpg 101.jpg 91.jpg 81.jpg 71.jpg 61.jpg 121.jpg 212.jpg 191.jpg 181.jpg 171.jpg 161.jpg 151.jpg 141.jpg 261.jpg 251.jpg 241.jpg 231.jpg 221.jpg 291.jpg 281.jpg 271.jpg 321.jpg 312.jpg 301.jpg 341.jpg 331.jpg

You can see more pics and vote for who should be on the cover at Rocky Mountain News.

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Author: Lenny

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