Detroit Embraces 148 MMJ Dispensaries

The city of Detroit has seen some hard times. Hard times cause anxiety. Do you know what helps with anxiety? Medical marijuana. In Detroit, the medical marijuana business seems to be doing just fine. Is that the “circle of life,” or what?


A new report pegs the number of marijuana dispensaries in Detroit at 148.

Prior to the report, Detroit public officials could not say how many dispensaries there were, partly because they are opening at such a rapid pace, but mainly because the city doesn’t keep track of them.
. . .
Of the 148 dispensaries in Detroit, 100 are within 1.15 miles of the suburbs; Fifty nine, including some of those near suburbs, are within 1,000 feet of an active school, according to the report, “Weed in the D,” published on Monday (Oct. 12) by local mapping company Loveland Technologies.

The report cautions that estimates are probably low. If so, Detroit would have more than one marijuana dispensary per square mile. The city is 139 square miles in size.

“Marijuana retail is clearly a growth business,” the report said. “The numbers in this report have had to be revised upwards several times as new dispensaries opened, and more are expected to open in the near future.”

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“[Within] 1,000 feet of an active school.”  Allow me to point out — once again — that in a regulated market it will be HARDER for kids to get cannabis than it is now. Think cigarettes. When I was a kid riding my dinosaur to the one-room school house, my friends who smoked bought theirs from a machine in the entrance to a store. No one said “boo.” It’s harder for underage folks to buy cigarettes today. It can be that way for cannabis if we make it so. Available for those of age — and “will be available” for those others once they get older.

Just sayin’.


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