Dial 1-800-Bring-Weed: Marijuana Referral Services Connects Patients With Docs

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When was the last time you were driving along and saw a road sign advertising a toll free number to put you in connection with some marijuana?

Yeah, me too. Well, for the low price of only $150 you can arrange for a consultation with a local doctor to treat your medical marijuana condition; the damage goes up to $200 if you have no medical information available. PacMedLabs promises to get you hooked up with a physician that specializes in medical marijuana treatable illnesses so that you can have relief and a great customer service experience to boot!

The company has found a way to capitalize off the burgeoning business of medical marijuana without wading into the arena of growing and selling, plagued by murky and conflicting state and federal laws. It simply connects patients and medical providers, and calls itself the medical pot version of lendingtree.com or 1-800-dentists.

Now if they could only figure out how to get a cool app like the one that Domino’s uses to show your pizza being made in the browser they’ll really be in business. Though their role in the marijuana industry may seem murky, as the middlemen, this smart move means it should remain under the radar from those pesky Feds that have been coming down hard on the marijuana industry as of lately. Have you seen a PacMedLabs sign in your town? If so, shoot us an email. We care.

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