Did You Know Cannabis Sativa Is An Alternative For Coffee?

Written by: Patrick Thompson (Co-founder of OpenStrain)

Why drink a cup of coffee in the morning when you can smoke a joint instead? Caffeine is the compound in coffee that prevents drowsiness and increases one’s energy level. However, it has a few undesirable side effects; regular consumption causes a mild dependence—in other words, Caffeine is addictive.


Cannabis sativa can serve the same purpose as caffeine,but it also has additional benefits. Sativa’s are more effective in terms of increasing energy levels and preventing tiredness. The main cannabinoid in cannabis sativa is THC. THC is a psychoactive, which means that it stimulates cells in the brain. The cerebral effects are known to aid with psychological problems like depression.


Medicinally THC is valued for its stimulating abilities. The uplifting effects of sativa make it optimal for morning/ daytime use. The effects of cannabis sativa have been compared to the effects of caffeine. Except with cannabis sativa you will not experience side effects like restlessness, insomnia, and nervousness; which are all side effects you may experience from caffeine.


Sativa’s are also known to relieve pain, including migraines and muscle soreness. They are also known to enhance audio and visual senses. After consumption you will be more alert, noticing things you have never noticed before and you will acquire an acute sense of hearing that you did not have before.


Replace the side effects of caffeine with a few benefits, such as increased creativity and an uplifting feeling of euphoria and caffeine is analogous to cannabis sativa.

Cannabis sativa is a substitute for coffee that is better for our health and is more effective at waking us/keeping us up in the morning. You also don’t need to worry about the unfavorable side effects that might creep up on you at work like restlessness or nervousness—Isn’t it amazing how cannabis sativa is more beneficial, more effective, and better for our health, yet it is still illegal?

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Author: Patrick Thompson

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