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I've been feeling in the spirit for changing the world to make it a better place. This years election was a powerful, unforgettable one marking Obama's second term of presidency and Colorado and Washington state permitting the recreational use of Cannabis smoking. Not to my surprise, a few petitions were made hours later to keep the change train going on. Are you aware? No worries, we've exceeded the 25,000 signatures needed in order for the Obama administration to be notified of it over at We the People. The fact that someone hopped right on this shows we are getting rid of the stereotype "couch-activists." Too many of us have silent voices and opinions that feel they don't matter. But they do, the rest of the year and next will prove it.

Remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substance Act and allow the states to decide how they want to regulate it. was created 1 day after (11/07/2012) the election and had until 12/07/2012 to get 25k signatures. Stunningly, the petition now has more than 64k signatures under a month. I wish I would've been able to monitor this and see how quickly it succeeded!

Federally Legalize Marijuana was created 2 days after (11/08/2012) the election and also passed the 25k threshold before the 12/08/12 deadline. Today we have more than 30k signatures.

Lastly, Support a law protecting states' rights to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol. was created on 11/12/2012 and surpassed the 25k threshold before 12/12/2012 sitting at more than 37k signatures today.

So..... What now? Of course people have their opinions: some think online petitions have no power and some do. I believe it can go two ways. Ignored or immediately confronted. We are the People who make this country. Our words and opinions do matter. If you know right from wrong then say something! I'm over joyed that these petitions were created by conscious minds. I'm marking my calendar for these days.. What will you be doing on the 7th, 8th, and 12th?

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Author: Jane Dank

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  • Tony Aroma

    These petitions are meaningless. The administration has denied every previous marijuana-related petition. in fact, I've heard of any of these WTP petitions NOT being denied. I predict each one, if it is responded to, will get the same canned denial that previous mj petitions have received.

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