Different Ways To Medicate With Cannabis



       Being a marijuana smoker for almost twenty years  I can say I have taken many hits and coughs.  Many of pipes, bongs, joints, and blunts have I had the pleasure of medicating with.  Over the last few years, advancements in legalizing medical marijuana has brought different ways of medicating.  And since I love medicating, I thought I would try these new forms to see how it would hit me.  

Dabbing:  A nice, clean, pure hit that resembles a shot of alcohol compared to mary jane.  I love dabbing and I would love to see stronger versions of it.  

Vaporizing:  This form of medicating is a healthier alternative than blowing regular flower.  I like vaporizing but I miss the heaviness of the flower.

Joints:  Joints work every time.  Joints were used during the “reefer madness,”  days and they are still a fan favorite today.  They are even better mixed with a little hash, kief, or wrapped with some shatter.  

Butter:  I tried ganja butter once on toast during a trip to Seattle.  The effect was soothing but I wish I could have had another piece of toast because the feeling was short lived.

Edibles (cupcakes, gummi bears, brownies):  Ah yes, I love edibles.  The effects do work differently on different people.  The feeling is great and different from that of a dab or flower.   I would describe the feeling as a numbness throughout the body.

Oils:  Oils are great but they are a little harsh and the taste is different.  The feeling is close to that of vaporizer with the same health benefits.  

Tinctures:  I had the pleasure of making my own tincture that worked perfectly.  It delivered a strong medicated dosage of numbness.  Drops of the tincture are added to the tongue for fast relief, however I like adding my tincture to slushees or slurpees.  

Flowers:  Three forms of flower exist, which are sativas, indicas, and hybrids.  Depending on the strain and the amount of thc found in the flower, it affects people differently.  They all have the same objective which is to help people relieve pain.

Bongs:  Bongs are great.  I like adding some wax or hash to the bowl, just to top it off.  Hitting a bong just right is an ass kicker.  It’s one of my favorite ways to medicate.  Here’s a good one, try lighting your bowl with a magnifying glass to ensure pure natural smoke.   

Pipes:  Pipes are great too.  They deliver the same feeling as a joint but the taste is a little harsh.  Great for travel or just about anywhere.  Again, don’t be afraid to add some hash or wax to the bowl.  Find what form of medicating works best for you and continue that procedure.  



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Author: HMJ Staff


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