Dispensery Vote (California)

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So the Los Angeles city council is set to vote on an ordinance that aims to curb the growth of medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the city of angels.

The council vote, if passed, would cap the number of dispensaries at seventy. It would also impose zoning restrictions as to where they could be located. The specific language of the ordinance would make illegal for dispensary clinics to be within 1,000 feet of a residence.

I don’t know how most would view this but, to me this sounds like the city of Los Angeles is trying to side step the right of the people.

Medical marijuana dispensaries, or too call them what they really are clinics, are not for the average Joe. They are for citizens of the state of California, who have been medically cleared by a licensed physician.

So what the councilman and councilwoman are doing in essence is removing sick Americans the right of reasonable access to pain relief. Would it be right for a cancer victim to have to have to travel greatly out his way to relieve chemotherapy.

Most people wouldn’t want the guy who has to take medicine for his chronic bone disease’ to have to travel miles beyond city limits for pain relief.

So why the distention when it comes to the multiple sclerosis (MS) patient, the AIDS patient or the quadriplegia patient. I said quadriplegic patient because I wonder if after you connect the dots, if any patriotic American would deny pain relief to American veterans. Veterans who only feel said pain because they were protecting our democratic-capitalistic way of life.

Do any HMJ.com readers have any feedback?

*Update: Vote delayed until sometime next year because of council’s fear that the ordinance, will create a handful of medical marijuana super shops in industrial areas. Damn no Sam’s Club.

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