DJ’ing Aint Easy: DJ Axis Interview

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We’re happy to present to you the first of what will be many exclusive interviews by the Hail Mary Jane staff.  Our first victim is my boy Marcus aka DJ Axis.  He is big in the local New York DJ scene and recently got off of a tour with the Wu Tang Clan.  He is also an avid HMJ fan and reader.  Enjoy the interview.

HMJ – How did you get started DJ‘ing?

DJ Axis – I started DJing about ten years ago. I had friends who were djs in college. My friend DJ Falseone had a radio show at Emerson in Boston and would let me rock. My friend DJ Mono would lend me any hiphop records. DJ Hi Fidelity lent me his turntables before I got my own. DJ Dawn taught me advanced scratching techniques and turntablism. I was lucky to be surrounded by many cool DJs.

HMJ – How did you come up with the name axis powers?

DJ Axis – I came up with Axis Powers because I am half German, half Japanese. My relatives were on the other side of the Atlantic during WWII some of my relatives were Nazis and my mother’s father was in the Japanese military. My grandfather is half-Jewsih and had to go to a concentration camp but he survived.

HMJ – That’s a pretty cool story, what do people think of it after they hear your name?

DJ Axis – Some people think my name is cool when I tell them the story.

HMJ – Who are the guys that inspired you to get into the DJ game?

DJ Axis – My Inspirations were the great turntablist dj crews: The Skratch Piklz, Xmen, Allies, and Beat Junkies. I have always liked all kinds of music though.

HMJ – What kind of goals do you have with DJ’ing?

DJ Axis – I have many goals with djing. I am going to continue to battle. Someday I am determined to win a national title. Last year I was invited to by Grand Master Roc Raida to compete at the National Gong Finals. I am determined to continue to compete against the best turntablist DJs in America. I am also stepping up my club game working with DJ Ani Quinn at clubs like Hudson Terrace and Tenjune. I will continue to work with Phil Anastasia and Wu Tang members to make good hip hop music. My band Shinobi Ninja is also doing big things and I am working hard in the studio working on my production game. My goal is to win in every aspect of my DJ career.

HMJ – What was the best part about touring with wu tang (besides the weed)?

DJ Axis – The best part of touring with Wu Tang was the experience of performing in front of thousands of people. Seeing a thousand W’s from front to back was crazy. I am sponsored by King Stampede clothing so after each performance I would throw my hat into the crowd. In Philly and in Rhode Island, I saw the kid who caught it wearing it in the crowd it was a cool feeling. I will be performing at Raekwon’s album release party at Santos September 8th. My band Shinobi Ninja has a show September 14th at Grammercy Theater. Djing is my life.

HMJ – Thanks a lot for taking time out of your day for the interview man, how can we get in touch with you?

DJ Axis –

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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