Do You Have A Degree? “Yeah.. I have a Bachelor’s In Growing Bud”.

I was browsing through my digg rss feed and came across this video (you can also view it below). Pretty interesting, even when thousands of people in Michigan are jobless they still found the money to learn how to grow marijuana. If that’s not a motivator to decriminalize marijuana, I honestly don’t know what is.

Just imagine if one out of every four people were cultivators. Of course dispensaries would have their pick on who to buy their product from, but if it’s decriminalized people who grow it can sell it themselves and stimulate the economy. Even during “The Great Recession” people still buy alcohol and other psychoactives. Speaking of, Kevin Rose if you read this I miss The Screen Savers. And Sarah Lane she’s sexy. And Chian-Li as well, but I forgot her last name. Oh well, I can dream TechTv will come back on cable.

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Author: JV420

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