Doctor Says Dabbing Is The Crack Cocaine Of Marijuana

Don't act like you've never made this comparison. I instantly made that comparison when I first saw dabs. Dr. Andy Mendenhall is an addiction specialist and the in-patient medical director of Hazelden in Beaverton. He talks about dabbing being similar to crack cocaine.

“People are experiencing extreme levels of euphoria and that means that the brains of those individuals are more likely to become attached to those experiences.” - Dr. Mendenhall

Dr. Mendenhall shows more concern with teens and young adults dabbing.

“The use and repeated use of a very strong substance -- that’s creating reward. That’s creating euphoria during a time of brain development. It can’t help but have an effect on long-term mental health." - Dr. Mendenhall

I've had enough with dabbing. It took a toll on me at our Halloween party this past October. I was always a little sketched out about dabs because of the torch and instant high you get. It just didn't seem as natural as light up a joint of flower. Is dabbing the crack cocaine of marijuana?



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  1. So with this same mindset, is 151 or Everclear the crack/cocaine of alcohol? Crack/cocaine are completely different drugs that effect the brain in a completely different way than marijuana. I’m sure the government will find a way to ban those from being sold legally.

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  2. I did “budder” in Vancouver. Not real sure I’d want regular access, still . . . . one hell of a high; clear, long lasting, like a bell striking one note.

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