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Documentary: Cool It

pppppNow, it doesn’t matter if you believe that global warming or climate change is something we caused or not, but I think we all can agree that we could improve how we live by going about our way of life a little differently.

Sure, this documentary could go the way of “An Inconvenient Truth”, by scaring you with its imagery, but it doesn’t… in fact, Cool It actually points out a lot of inaccuracies in Al Gore’s pride and joy.

But why would author Bjørn Lomborg, the star of this documentary, label himself as “The Skeptical Environmentalist”?
Perhaps it’s because he believes that our current efforts won’t reduce the Earth’s temperature by much at all, but will instead drain our bank accounts in an attempt to submit to the current environmentalist propaganda we’re fed.

So, why is it that so many clean technologies aren’t being mass produced?

Why is part of the scientific community against Bjørn Lomborg?

And what is his plan to solve the “global crisis” without plunging us into debt?

Well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself by watching the documentary!

You can get a little taste of Cool It through its official trailer…

Or you can watch it instantly over at Amazon Instant Video HERE.

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  • CCC9

    I met the highest environmental authority on the planet. They are an intact pre-Columbian people who inhabit the highest coastal mountain in the world which is in Colombia. Their mountain has every single ecosystem on earth on their mountain. It is the heart of the world. The eternal snows at the top of their mountain started melting at the exact same time that our artic sea ice starting melting. That was one of the signs which made them step out of four centuries of isolation.