Does Medical Marijuana Have Addictive Potential?

Many people argue the fact that marijuana is addictive and once you start, you’re unable to live without the substance. Many would argue that this is substance abuse. However, this goes along the lines of pain killers and other narcotics that cause problems throughout the world.

While this can be sold as a street drug, the medical marijuana that is provided to patients can be obtained legally with the use of a prescription from a physician. Cannabis is loaded with benefits, and these benefits help the patients cope with whatever illnesses that they’re fighting at the time. However, what if these illnesses go away? Do the patients still want and need to have the marijuana due to being addicted to the substance?

Is Medical Marijuana All That Addicting to Take?

When it comes to medical marijuana, it is generally something that is not addicting to take. You can continue to use it to help with many different symptoms, one of the biggest ones being pain. Once you’ve been on the medical marijuana for some time, it does not cause you to continue to use it, only as needed. Even if you think that this is a drug that can cause dependency problems, the strains that are used for medical reasons do not have the addictive substances within it. This allows patients to get the home care they need, without becoming dependent on other resources that they’d otherwise receive for their pain, such as medications.

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Author: HMJ Staff

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