Dominik Hasek gives everyone and international “fuck you”

By now everyone should know that the Detroit Red Wings are the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions.

After the Wings won the championship, of course there were a lot of pictures taken a lot of celebrating but according to some people, Red Wings Goalie Dominik Hasek was having a little bit too much fun. This is via Yahoo Answers:

If your talking about the “V” for victory using two fingers, it does have meaning, depending on which way your palm faces. Palm outwards facing someone else means Peace, palm facing you while back of your hand faces the other person basically mean “F@K U, i’ve got mine“.

This symbol was derived during the middle ages when england was at war with France. Bowmen, or Long Bowmen (aka, archers) use two fingers to draw back their bow string and were the deadliest unit of their time. They were considered a prime targets by the emeny and, when captured, their drawstring fingers would be removed. Whenever an archer survived capture, and march through a couquered city, they would hold their drawstring hand up, back of hand facing outward, with their two drawstring fingers extended upward. This was their way of telling the enemt F U! I’ve still got mine!”

The spelling isn’t that great but you get the idea.

What do you guys think? Was Hasek trying to say fuck you to everyone?

[Source: Flatusyahu]

[Image via DetNews]

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