Don Imus is a clown

Where is Buzz Bissinger when you need him. Why is it that people are so adamant about criticizing bloggers when there are guys like Don Imus on the radio.

Well I’m a little late on this whole thing so I will attempt to catch you guys up on it as well as myself.

The infamous Don Imus was holding a conversation yesterday on his radio station about Adam “Pacman” Jones and how he dropped the name Pacman and about all of his arrests. When he was asked about the arrests he asked “what color is he?” When he was told that Pacman is black he said “Well, there you go. Now we know.” Wow!!!

Here is the AP report on it.

So I guess all the racial sensitivity training he got after his comments last year were very productive completely ignored….

After the comments, Imus was criticized by many in the blogosphere as well as Al Sharpton, who released this statement after he heard about the comments:

“It has been reported to me that statements were made by Mr. Imus this morning and National Action Network has monitored his show since his return. I find the inference of his remark disturbing because it plays into stereotypes. Any use of stereotypes is always counterproductive. We will determine in the next day or so whether or not his remark warrants direct action on our part as we did in April of last year.”

So today Imus got back on the radio and made an attempt to defend himself by saying that he wasn’t making fun of black people but in fact he was criticizing police for arresting blacks for no reason:

Nice try Don. We don’t believe you though. Just because you work with black people doesn’t mean that your tolerant of them.

Pacman also released a statement today stating how he felt about the whole situation:

“I’m truly upset about the comments,” Jones said. “Obviously Mr. Imus has problems with African-Americans. I’m upset, and I hope the station he works for handles it accordingly. I will pray for him.”

This is unbelievable but then again, the way I’ve learned about reporting your opinion, when you give it, if your not pissing anyone off then your not doing something right. Thats not to say that you should go out and blatantly try to piss people off though.

Don Imus is basically doing what I am doing with this site. He is stating his opinion and it is clear that he is racist. It’s all good though. I respect him more for making that clear.

Ok so I think we’re all caught up.  I’m sure there will be more to report on this story in the upcoming days.

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