Don Meredith’s Hazy Monday Night Football Broadcasts

The recent passing of former Dallas Cowboys QB and MNF co-host, Don Meredith, means different anecdotes are coming out surrounding the affable Good ‘Ol Boy from Texas.  One such memory comes from the legendary country music legend Willie Nelson, and will change the way you watch old MNF clips.  Wait–you don’t do this?  Well it will make you nostalgic for a time when people let loose a little more. It was a different place all those years ago, before most readers of this site even knew how to use the restroom properly.  Back when Monday Night Football was a must-see event.  Back when the (overrated) legend of Howard Cosell was taking root.  Back when co-hosts regularly toked up before airtime.

So I’m in the tour bus with Willie with mucho producto burning, we’re talking about Austin and the early days and other stuff.
I ask Willie about what it was like when Mr. Meredith did his song on Monday Night Football. Willie was modest at first, reminding me he wrote for other people first before performing his own songs.
He said he was thrilled and it was good for his pocketbook. We had a good laugh at that…
Over a huge blunt I wondered if Willie ever smoked with Mr. Meredith. I mean, he seemed really cool for a jock.
Quote, unquote from Willie Nelson. “I can’t say personally that Don got high for every Monday Night game he did, except for the 40 or 50 times we did before he headed to the booth.”
One day pot will be legal and America will realize if Willie Nelson and Don Meredith got high…how bad can it be?
Rest in Peace, Don Meredith.
You were cool before people knew what cool was…
I’m pretty sure the only co-host we’ve had the last few years who has even gotten high is Dennis Miller and possibly Kornheiser when he was doing all that reading at SUNY Binghampton.  Regardless, it’s a bygone era when you could regularly toke for TV appearances (or maybe people still do and I don’t realize).

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