Don’t Get Caught Smoking Weed At Colorado’s Ski Resorts

Arapahoe Basin ski resort chief operating officer Al Henceroth took to his blog to let people know that marijuana use will not be tolerated. Henceroth says he has already kicked several people out and took their ski passes.

Already I have kicked several people out of here and taken their ski passes for smoking in public. Those passes will be gone for a very long time. We will not hesitate to call the cops on this issue.

He says that those passes will be gone for a long time. It sounds like he took the ski/boarders season passes. Those passes range from $150 to $300. That’s a big price to pay for toking up on the hill mountain. If you’re caught there on just a day lift ticket, you’ll be out of $60, and $90 during holidays.

Henceroth stated, “Marijuana smokers, please use your heads on this. You cannot smoke marijuana in public while at A-Basin.” Under Colorado’s Amendment 64, you cannot consume marijuana in public. Summit Daily reports that 22 of Colorado’s 25 ski resorts are also on federal land as well.

Henceroth says to not smoke in public or you will be kicked out. It’s not hard to sneak off into trails in the woods or the parking lot to toke up. Believe me, I’ve done it plenty of times at resorts that are 10 times smaller. I’ve never been caught toking at a ski resort and have done it many times. Just be smart and not lighting up before you get on the chairlift. Be safe out there Miley Highrus.

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  1. Hardrock1a November 1, 2013 at 19:51

    Yeah, apparently what he said on TV was that some of the ones that he kicked out were circled up just at the top of the mountain as you got off the lift. I believe that the majority of problems that we are going to encounter in Colorado will primarily come from two groups. As someone that has passed through his youth and riding towards his sunset, I am going to say this as gently as I can. 1) Young People with their heads up their ass. 2) Tourists.
    oops! Make that 3…. Rob Corry too!

    1. Profile photo of MisterMaryJane
      Green November 4, 2013 at 11:55

      Yes, young kids will def be doing dumb stuff. They are already doing that. The only we can do is educate them on the polite and stealthy.

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