Don’t Mess with Grandpa

Toke of the Town is reporting (via CBS 13) that a Sacramento Grandfather shot and injured a youth stupid enough to break in for his medical marijuana stash.  James Tillmann, 67, was at home in his room, and his grandkids were staying with him.  Three men broke in looking for his marijuana stash.  The fact that the old man was home didn’t seem to bother them.  It probably should have. Via Toke of the Town:

“We went back and forth and I shot him,” Tillman said. “They just didn’t give a damn. They knew we were in here, with the lights on, and with kids.”

I am guessing they would have thought better of it, if they were aware of the shotgun and 9mm pistol Tillman keeps.  The older generation always owns a gun or two, so you should never mess with an old man’s stash.

It’s being reported that Tillman shot the 19 year old suspect in the hand–then took a long pull on his spliff (actually no, I just made that up).

We here at Hail Mary Jane really hope anti-marijuana advocates don’t point to this story and say things like “that’s what happens when you have pot lying around,” because they’re just stupid enough to do so.  These kids were the dumb ones.  Who tries burglarizing a home with the occupants still inside?  Tillman, who was probably getting high at the time, saved his grandkids from a potentially dangerous situation.

Who says marijuana negatively affects your judgment.

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