Helps Rising Number of Medical Marijuana Delivery Services Reach Patients

As a result of the current federal crackdown on medical marijuana, more and more dispensaries are creating delivery services so they can remain in business while avoiding a potential raid that could happen if they were to continue operating in a store front. Recently in the news there have been many stories of dispensary owners being raided and arrested for selling medical marijuana even if they were abiding by all state laws. Having a delivery service however can help ease the minds of these owners as it’s much harder for you to be raided when operating out of a car.

Fortunately things are about to get easier for patients who need help finding their medicine but don’t have the ability to drive to a dispensary. A new website called helps medical marijuana patients find dispensaries and delivery services in their area. At first it just looks like another site that wants to compete with WeedMaps which itself has seen great success over the last few years but after examining it further you’ll notice it provides much more than just mapping services. It’s more like a one stop information center where medical cannabis patients both new and experienced can find places to purchase their medicine, read news, and learn more about the medical benefits marijuana provides. was designed to be convenient and to appeal to everyone, including those who are new to the world of medical cannabis. While most of today’s online medical marijuana directories are designed for patients who already know at least something about using medical marijuana, is designed to be user-friendly for patients of all ages and experience levels.

This is a good concept however I feel it’s still a little too close to the WeedMaps concept. I feel that in order for this site to see any kind of real success, it’s going to have to really differentiate itself from WeedMaps and create a more appealing design as the site feels kind of bland.


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