Down, but not Out

Is it just me, or does it seem like lately the U.S. has been moving backwards in regards to marijuana legalization ? I mean, Prop. 19 didn’t pass, Illinois’ Medical Marijuana Bill was denied, the future of New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana program isn’t looking too well, Willie’s gettin’ busted, Red Man’s gettin’ busted. The only victory that us Greenies can really celebrate is Arizona finally making the jump to the green side. … Or is it ? According to Ethan Nadelman ( full story here ), these are but minor setbacks in the bigger picture of legalization.

The prospects for reforming drug policy has never been so good. The persistent failure and negative consequences, combined with budgetary woes and generational change, are mainstreaming reformist ideas once considered taboo.

Nowhere is this convergence more evident than with respect to marijuana.

With all of the recent blows it’s been taking, legalization is down but definitely not out. An increased number of pro-legalization/decriminalization supporters out West, strong youth support, more pro-marijuana state governors like Pete Shumlin of Vermont and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, and Republican control of the House, which may lead to drug war budget cuts, are all adding to the promising future of legalization in the U.S.

It’s thus highly likely that 2012 will see more legalization initiatives in Western states, and … a few may actually succeed.

Be sure to stay active and involved when it comes to legalization/decriminalization acts or protests though, Greenies. Who knows, maybe we can see some real progress even before 2012?

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Author: kelv.

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