Driving in a Cannabis Legal Future

There is a discussion underway and it needs your input.  Re-legalization is coming.  Once it arrives, how are we going to keep ourselves out from behind the wheel of a car while we are too high to drive?  Yes, just like most of us do now — if I’m high I don’t drive.  Maybe you and I trust each other, but we both know that lots of folks out there do not trust either one of us.


The drugged driving issue is big amongst a group of people who might be on our side IF WE would just address a few issues, like this one about drugged driving.    There are a lot of people who have toked, don’t do it now, but who — from their own experience — know cannabis can be used responsibly, is not addictive, and is easier on the body than alcohol.  That group is the swing vote on legalization.  If they decide to trust us we will have re-legalized cannabis.  We can earn some trust by addressing drugged driving. A great review of this whole issue is in The Washington Post.

Just a few of the interesting complexities of this issue, all from our Post article:

Physicians say that while many tests can show whether someone has recently used pot, it’s more difficult to pinpoint impairment at any certain time . . . Urine and blood tests are better at showing whether someone used the drug in the past — which is why employers and probation officers use them. But determining current impairment is far trickier . . . unlike alcohol, marijuana stays in the blood long after the high wears off a few hours after use, and there is no quick test to determine someone’s level of impairment — not that scientists haven’t been working on it. .  . .  Dr. Marilyn Huestis of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a government research lab, says that soon there will be a saliva test to detect recent marijuana use.

This is your life so you must have an opinion on this.  What is it?  Let s talk about our future.

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