Drug Legalizing Cops Force DEA Website Change

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LEAP knows hot to get there message out
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The past few weeks have seen a lot of progress for drug policy reformers as a whole, more importantly major progress has been scene in regards to validity of patients who use marijuana with a doctors recommendation.

Over the past few days Law Enforcement Against Prohibition has been ripping up the Drug Enforcement Administration for not updating their website in regards to the American Medical Association’s view of marijuana as medicine. Two weeks ago the AMA House of Delegates, basically the voting body on whether doctors think something is a good idea, voted in favor of looking to reschedule marijuana. Currently Marijuana is a schedule one drug, meaning that it has no medical value. Obviously doctors and patients in 13 states feel otherwise but that’s another story.

So for years one of the DEA talking points on medical marijuana had been the fact the AMA didn’t support it.  This is where things get funny, after the AMA vote last week the DEA didn’t change there website.  Thankfully the former police, judges, and prosecutors over at LEAP would have none of it and organized a campaign to shame the DEA into changing their website.  This happened via an email campaign to Attorney General Eric Holder, the hundreds of emails he received read like this.

“On November 10, the American Medical Association called on the U.S. government to reconsider the current classification of marijuana as a Schedule I substance.  Yet, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) still claims on its website that, “The American Medical Association recommends that marijuana remain a Schedule I controlled substance.”

As a matter of simple accuracy and fairness, I ask that you correct this error as soon as possible and further instruct the DEA to prominently acknowledge that ignoring scientific research and medical evidence should not be the policy of the federal government.”

Don’t get me wrong the substance here, the AMA decision, is a lot more important that what these police officers did, but who doesn’t love hearing about a bunch of drug legalizing cops screwing around with the DEA!!

You can check out more on the campaign here www.CopsSayLegalizeDrugs.com/dea

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Author: Redankulous

An improper Bostonian with a journalism degree and love of pure sativas.

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