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Drunken Gunfight In Ohio Bar Caught On Tape

Here is a really wild video out of Ohio that shows what happens when drunk guys try to sell weed to each other at the bar.

According to the Toledo Blade, police say one of the suspects was trying to sell marijuana when a bar employee asked the man to leave. A fight then erupted. Within moments, most in the crowded bar ran for exits because some people were pulling out handguns.

All in all, police found more than a dozen shell casings in and out of the bar. There were anywhere from four to six shooters and somehow, nobody got hit.

Drunk asses shot all those shots and didn’t hit anyone. What was the point of this?

This never would have happened if weed was legal. The guy wouldn’t be selling it to another guy and if he was, it would be like if you sold a friend a cigarette. NOBODY WOULD CARE. Which is the way it should be.

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Author: Lenny

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