Dunsmuir, CA at the Plate

As the federal government continues its failed and failing war on drugs, resistance to that war grows.  Individuals resit and groups of people band together and resist.   Cities, communities and entire state’s resist.  That resistance can be as dynamic as a state passing medical marijuana legislation in the face of federal threats and warnings.  That resistance can be as subtle as someone standing up at a meeting and speaking the truth about cannabis.  It’s always good to remember that we are the one’s telling the truth.  That resistance can also be a city tweaking the rules that govern medical marijuana.  Enter Dunsmuir, CA.
The Dunsmuir City Council on Thursday night approved placing a measure on the November ballot to relax some restrictions on growing medical marijuana in city limits, City Manager Brenda Bains said Friday. Petitions had been circulated by Leslie Wilde, owner of Dunsmuir’s sole dispensary. The initiative came about in response to the council having passed a strict growing ordinance last August.

“I immediately started looking into how we could amend it or change it,” Wilde said. “But I wanted to time it for the November general election. I didn’t feel the June primary would garner many supportive votes.” She and others collected the necessary 100 valid signatures out of Dunsmuir’s approximately 960 registered voters to put the item on the ballot. The measure needs a simple majority to pass. [When a town with less than one thousand voters pushes back, the resistance is real, yes?]

The changes, if the measure is approved by voters, include the following: (1) Removing canopy area limits for qualified patients, (2) Removing limits on qualified patients growing on any parcel, (3) Allowing growers to cultivate on property other than where their homes are, (4) Growing outdoors, in public view, inside an attached or detached garage, in the city’s historic district or near youth-oriented activities. The current rules restrict or prohibit those activities, though Wilde said they were permitted under state law before the city passed its regulations last year. She said the changes were to align Dunsmuir’s rules with what state law allows.

The measure doesn’t change requirements for no adverse health or safety affects of growing. Growers must also remain in compliance with state laws.
What have you done, today, to resist the war on drugs? Something other than rolling up a fat one. It’s time to legalize, and it’s going to be you and I who have to do the heavy lifting. And, that, my Greenies, will deserve a big fatty.

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