Elderly Patients Using Medical Marijuana as Alternative to Opiate Based Pain Killers

In a new recent trend that has been confirmed by AARP, it now seems that many elderly patients residing in California are starting to be more open to the idea of using cannabis as a medicine. In the past, especially with the elderly generation, they were known for discriminating against the drug because of all the propaganda that surrounded them their entire life regarding marijuana and its supposed “negative”” effects on the human body. Now however, these same people who once shunned marijuana all together, are beginning to discover its true properties, helping them realize what they had been told their whole life about it, simply wasn’t true.

Pain management is one of the most common reasons elderly patients visit Greenway. ‘Arthritis pain is prevalent in elderly patients, as is joint pain in general,’ said deVries. ‘Pain management is of paramount importance to most of our medical cannabis patients, particularly the elderly.’

Since older patients usually have more surgical procedures than their younger counterparts, they tend to be prescribed more opiate pain killers which are not only highly addictive but also have many undesirable side effects. It’s for this reason that we’re now seeing more and more elderly patients using cannabis as their preferred way to treat their pain. There’s also the fact that usually when an older patient has some sort of pain, it’s less manageable for them because a lot of them have pre-existing health problems making them weaker than others thereby making pain far less tolerable for them than anyone else.

This is of course great news for all those supporters of the marijuana movement because the more people who become enlightened to the fact that marijuana is far from being something to just get “high” on, the more word will spread and the faster people’s opinions will change on the subject. What’s even better is how much respect older people usually receive from everyone so if they’re behind medical cannabis, it only further legitimizes what we’ve been saying for years; marijuana has medical benefits.

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