Who Embraces Cannabis in a Close Election?

Hail Mary Jane has been fantasizing about what happens if one of the major candidates embraces the re-legalization of cannabis.  We are not the only ones wondering about this.  Keep reading:

If Hillary Clinton can consolidate the support of young left-wing voters — and motivate them to turn out on Election Day — she will win the White House. And there’s no better cure for millennial apathy than legal marijuana.

The Clinton campaign understands the potency of the weed issue. In early August, the Democratic nominee announced that her administration would remove marijuana from Schedule I — the DEA’s designation for the most harmful, least medically beneficial, illegal narcotics. That would certainly be a step in the right direction. But saying “I believe the government should stop pretending that medicinal marijuana does not exist and that bong rips are more dangerous than Oxycontin” is bound to be less inspiring than “we need to stop putting people in cages for indulging in a substance less harmful than alcohol.”

In declaring her support for the federal legalization of marijuana, Clinton would accomplish more than simply bringing her campaign into alignment with millennial opinion . . .
. . .
Beyond improving Clinton’s favorability among 420-friendly millennials, this stance would also mobilize a multitude of pro-legalization advocacy groups behind her candidacy. Clinton’s campaign needs an infusion of energy and enthusiasm. And there are few issues that boast a more passionate — but underserved — activist base than marijuana legalization.

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