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It’s a new day, children.  Read on:


The cigarette is an American icon, like it or not. And while Big Tobacco and anti-cigarette activists alike can (and will) take advantage of its iconic visage, they’re not the only ones utilizing its familiarity.

A Colorado company debuted its all-marijuana cigarettes a few months ago, and now the Rifle, Colo.-based makers of Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes are hoping their sharply marketed and smartly designed product takes off in Colorado — and soon other markets.

“A lot of people who smoke (tobacco) cigarettes have tried our products, and they like that it’s the same feeling — the way it fits between your fingers and how you smoke it and flick it,” said Cranfords chief operating officer Chris Connors. “But there’s no tobacco in there. It’s all marijuana, about 100 milligrams (of THC) in each cigarette, so they’ll definitely make you feel differently than a regular cigarette.”

We spoke with Connors — whose dad spent 30-plus years on Wall Street and grandfather was an executive at Bristol-Myers — about Cranfords’ first few months, their feelings about the booming vaporizer market and their intentions for the future.

The Cannabist: So a Cranfords cigarette looks exactly like a regular cigarette — until you look into the tip and see all that green poking out.

Connors: Exactly. Our cigarettes are professionally rolled by machines, and we’re branding ourselves as America’s first cannabis cigarette.

The Cannabist: What are your numbers looking like two months into the launch — how many shops are you in, and how many tins have you sold?

Connors: We are in more than 20 stores, and we have sold close to 1,000 tins. We only launched two months ago, and we are about to franchise into California and Connecticut.

I think this type of product is inevitable in our re-legalized future. The question will be “who makes the decisions?” One hopes questions about cannabis are answered by someone who knows cannabis. Hell with it — grow yer own.

Thanks to the Cannabist for the complete original report which you can read if you GO HERE.

If you are curious here’s more on Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes. It’s an interesting visit, so . . .

As best I can determine the pack of 10 machine-rolled with filters / joints retails for about $60. I know we all will try them when first presented with the opportunity as the novelty value is so high. But the question remains — IS SOMETHING LIKE THIS HOW YOU EXPECT TO GET YOUR RE-LEGALIZED CANNABIS? Comments, please.

And to HMJ’s intrepid correspondent in the re-legalized state of Colorado, “HEY, WOOKWOK — Have you seen these yet?

[image: Google images “Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes”]

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  1. Wookwok May 9, 2014 at 17:46

    I actually delivered them as free samples to dispensaries a couple weeks ago. The budtenders seemed happy to get to test them out, but that was the only time we delivered them so I’m not sure how well they were received. I haven’t seen them for sale yet, but I have a feeling their novelty will wear off pretty quickly…

    People who smoke herb might be hesitant to smoke a filtered cigarette, out of fear that some of the cannabinoids will be filtered out, even if they’re not. Like when I reviewed that Savorette pipe, which had a similar filter, I didn’t feel like I got as high and that filter was absorbing a lot! It’s definitely a lot different than the filters you’d put in your own joint or blunt.

    And strain-specific joints and cones are way more appealing… Like when I go to a dispensary, I usually avoid generic hybrid mixes, because I want to know what’s in there, and be able to match the same high next time I get something.

    If I see them for sale, maybe I’ll pick up a pack and see what it’s all about, but seeing as how every dispensary sells strain-specific pre-rolls to begin with, they might have had an easier time getting their foot in the door in this industry if they had just made a fancy little tin, to fill up with any joints you can get your hands on. That would probably sell like hotcakes, if it had handy little features with stoners in mind.

    1. Wookwok May 9, 2014 at 17:57

      In fact, if anyone on the HMJ team sees something cool that’s only available in Colorado, and you’re REALLY curious about it, let me know and I’ll do a review on it for you and our readers. I’m not rich or anything, but I’ve already spent about $300 or so testing out products to create content for the site, so why not? I love learning about new things and sharing them with others, so I’m open to suggestions.

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