“Epidemic” Found before NFL Draft

College football has ended and April is right around the corner.  That means you better be getting your taxes done, and Mel Kiper Jr. (never forget the Jr.) must be flouncing his hair in anticipation of the biggest day of the year.  That’s right, it’s NFL draft time, and teams are performing their due diligence before drafting for their future.  After doing the team interviews,  a disturbing trend has emerged.  Read on to find out…

Everyone remembers Randy Moss’ stock falling after it was discovered he toked up while he was at Marshall, and we all know what a bust he turned into when he finally made it into the league.  The same can be said for Warren Sapp.  It’s with obvious trepidation that many NFL scouts look towards the draft to improve their team, but they’ve become leery of all the potheads out there running amok in NCAA Division I-A schools.

Sports Illustrated reports:

There’s a widespread belief within the NFL that the 2010 draft represents one of the deepest and most promising pools of collegiate talent in years. But in addition to the vast potential of this year’s draft class, numerous NFL personnel evaluators told SI.com they are concerned about the increased number of prospects who have a history of marijuana use in their background, with players often acknowledging a failed drug test for pot in college in interviews with team executives.

Marijuana use means that you will never be a first class athlete.  There’s no way an athlete could even get high once and expect to become the top in his given profession.  You blaze and you’re going down in flames (pun intended).  Didn’t you know that marijuana is also a gateway drug?

When are college football stars going to realize the damage they are doing to their long term NFL prospects every time they even think about marijuana.  There’s just no way you’ll ever achieve anything if smoke pot.  Athletes beware!

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